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Vu-Bridge's Golden Oldies
Famous Hands by Famous Players

It is hard to believe, but in a few weeks Vu-Bridge will light its first candle!

Yes, my little baby is nearly one year old.

How should we best celebrate this birthday? By giving out some of the greatest hands ever played to my best customers. Hence the idea of the Golden Oldies.

Every year I will ask world class authors to recall some of the hands they played or witnessed

This is a must-have, a collector's Playbook. No-one can purchase it! If you are reading these lines, you've deserved your own copy.


Didier Lévy - Creator of Vu-Bridge

Golden Oldies - Editorial
2013 Edition

This is a star-studded selection of deals from the past.

We have five authors presenting six deals, each in in their own style.

Eddie Kantar has played the game at the highest level and he recalls some of his best efforts. Rather than write about them himself he has used the writings of other authors who wrote about the deals at the time.

Larry Cohen remembers some of the most interesting deals of his life, from being a 20-year old youngster to playing in a world championship.

Ron Klinger tells us about Tim Seres, Australia’s greatest ever player, and talks us through six deals from his life.

David Bird has chosen six declarer play deals from the past, featuring famous players who showed excellent card-play technique.

Paul Bowyer has followed a similar path to David Bird but has taken as his theme the one of defense.

Here are six famous players showing that they can defeat contracts as skilfully as they could make them.

Paul Bowyer - Editor