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 "Bartender Appreciation Day" by Marti Ronemus

We're going to include Baristas in our Bartender Appreciation Day. And this is the day to thank those wonderful people for creating delectable treats for us... that amazingly decorated latte, that stunningly cold mango martini. That perfectly poured shot of bourbon.

I have a feeling we're going to see some new uses for "Set 'em up" today though.

Question 1

  Your Hand
 7 6 4 2
 A Q 3
 6 2
 A Q J 3
Q: 1 - South?

 Your choice:
A: 2: Pard's bid is a negative double, showing the two unbid red suits. Pard can have one of two holdings: an unlimited hand with four Hearts or VERY possibly, a five-card suit and not enough cash to name a new suit at the two-level. Don't eschew the Hearts just because you only have three. We'd prefer No-trump, but without a Spade stopper, we much prefer the Hearts. AND we've got some ruffing value. (PS... the Redouble is a joke. You can't Redouble your Partner, altho' many have tried.)

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Question 2

  Your Hand
 A 5
 K 7 6 4
 A 9 4
 K 7 5 4
Q: 2 - And Souse (er, SOUTH!) says:

 Your choice:
A: 3 No-trump: This time we were the Negative Doubler. Pard opened the bidding. We belong in game, but we're not positive where. If we were sure Pard had four Hearts (remember last hand?) we would have know we had a full glass. BUT! Since we've got a stopper in the opponent's suit and a lovely Club fit to boot, let's give no-trump a shot. (Shot? Get it? Pun?)

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Question 3

  Your Hand
 K 2
 A 3
 A K J 4 2
 10 9 6 3
Q: 3 - Another "shot" for South:

 Your choice:
A: 4: Refresher: Do you remember that your Redouble promises another bid? You do have a Heart stopper and could bid 3 No-trump. You could Double now for penalty. BUT! Your Pard opened and you've got 17-ish points. A slam is not out of the question. A new suit at the four-level is certainly forcing and maybe we'll find ourselves in a slam auction. TBA.

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Question 4

  Your Hand
 A J 4
 A K 4
 A Q 8 7 6 5
Q: 4 - South?

 Your choice:
A: 2: This is a tough one. We need a cheap way to show a big hand, and this is the cheapest. It is a Reverse. Pard will expect you to have a four-card suit, but you can correct later. 3 is an alternative, but it isn't big enough and takes up so much room. Bidding the Hearts gives you room to give delayed support for the Spades which will promise three-card support. If this makes you nervous, tuck that Diamond in with your Hearts.

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Question 5

  Your Hand
 K Q J 10 6 4 3
 10 9 3
 10 4
Q: 5 - And finally, one for the road. South again:

 Your choice:
A: 3: I know, I know. We were a little "under the influence" to bid the 2, but honestly, we couldn't sit silently with this hand. So then Pard makes a Reverse bid, which makes us feel a little better. We need to make a weak bid now, though, and 3 does the trick.

And what will happen next? Will we be flagged for our intoxicating bid? Let's play the hand and find out.

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Now that you've bid five hands, let's see how your play goes.

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