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 "Is It a Crime?" by Marti Ronemus

So, a person finds himself wanting to collect his life insurance .. while still alive. Maybe he's evading arrest warrants, avoiding repaying loans. Maybe he just wants to start over, dumping problems galore. "Pseudocide," faking ones death, seems to be a viable strategy. BUT!! Is it illegal?

No! What a surprise! Faking one's death is not a crime. Where the plan breaks down, however, is all the attendant crimes... fraud trying to collect the insurance, creating a new identity. THAT's where the problem comes in. Find a way around that, and you're home free.

Do we think we can get through our quiz today without committing fraud? Let's find out.

Question 1

  Your Hand
 K 5 2
 K 7
 Q 7
 A 10 9 7 5 2
Q: 1 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 3 No-trump: We are going to limit our hand. Our bid shows 13-15 pts (not too big a fraud when we add distribution points) and no interest in a major. We're also promising stopper(s) in Spades. Perfect bid? We'll find out because we're going to play this hand later.

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Question 2

  Your Hand
 K J 9 8 3
 A K
 A 4
 J 8 6 2
Q: 2 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 2: We know we want to end up in Spades, and we well may have a slam. Any bid of Spades can be passed and it is a bit foolhardy to jump to 4 No-trump. Let's just make a forcing bid and find out more about Pard's hand. Then we can decide what to do.

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Question 3

  Your Hand
 8 7 6
 Q 3 2
 K Q J 8
 A 10 8
Q: 3 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 2: Are you surprised we played dead at our first chance to bid? We didn't have an overcall, and couldn't double. No-trump would be a bit scary with that Heart holding. We know Pard will balance. We have a fit with his suit, and a deep interest in knowing more about his hand. A cuebid of the opponent's suit tells him we have a fit, 10-plus points, and asks him to limit his hand on his next bid. Perfect.

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Question 4

  Your Hand
 J 9 8
 A 9
 K J 4
 A Q 10 9 8
Q: 4 - South:
1 No-trumpPass5 No-trump**Pass

**Grand slam request. We must bid at least 6 No-trump.

 Your choice:
A: 7 No-trump: We could just bid 6 No-trump since we only have 15 pts., but the quality of the Clubs makes us willing to give it a try.

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Question 5

  Your Hand
 A J 8
 A K J 7
 A Q 10 8 7
Q: 5 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 6: We could ask for Aces, but why? We've got first- or second-round control of all four suits, and even if Pard only has 10 pts, we are very very close. The texture of our suits is wonderful.

Ready to play?

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