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 "This Little Piggy..." by Marti Ronemus

Those of us who are not passionate sports fans might have easily missed the annual Toe Wrestling Championship held in Staffordshire, England. This unique (and pungent) event, held since 1974, started out to settle a bet at Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn , a local pub. No surprise there!

What is surprising is how popular the (dare we say) sport has become. It has been shown on ESPN, and it has a hero, Alan "Nasty" Nash, who has won over a dozen of the competitions.

Toe Wrestling is said to be more skill than strength, and we were pleased to learn that all feet are closely inspected by a nurse before the contest begins.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad our competition involves using our minds rather than our toes. Let's try some tricky bidding sequences and see if our minds are as talented as some people's toes.

Question 1

  Your Hand
 Q J 5
 K Q 8
 Q J 4
 K Q J 10
Q: 1 - As South, what should you bid now?
1 No-trumppass2pass

 Your choice:
A: 4: Pard has given you three pieces of info: He has a four-card major and a five card Club suit. Also a game-force hand. Visualize his hand. He's moving AWAY from no-trumps and rebidding Clubs--missing four honors in the suit! We don't play game in a minor without a singleton, void and/or note from our mother, but this guy's got a VERY distributional hand. It's your duty to raise the suit and let him place the contract. Somebody's got that note from mom.

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Question 2

  Your Hand
 A Q 10 4 2
 K 8
 9 4
 9 7 5 4
Q: 2 - As South, what should you bid?

 Your choice:
A: 2: But wait! You don't have a six-card suit. How can you pre-empt? Here's why you want to. Firstly, in third seat, you want to find a bid. Secondly, you're opposite a partner who already passed, and passed hands aren't supposed to advance pre-empts. Finally, if you open at the one-level, the dam will be broken and fools will rush in (to mix metaphors). You have God's Own Suit. End this auction by forcing Them to come in at the three-level if they want it.

Your result so far:
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Question 3

  Your Hand
 K 7 6 5 3
 A 5 4 3 2
 6 4
Q: 3 - As South, what should you bid?

 Your choice:
A: 4: I know, I know. We just said that a passed hand isn't supposed to advance a preempt. BUT! Just how much temptation is one person supposed to resist? Pard has at least five spades. You've got a singleton, a doubleton and five-card support. You've got a huge hand in favor of Spades. And just for fun, take another look at hand number two. That's your partner. This contract will make and you'll be the talk of the Toe Wrestling world.

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Question 4

  Your Hand
 9 8
 Q J 5 3 2
 K Q J 10 3
Q: 4 - As South, what should you bid?

 Your choice:
A: Pass: Temptation abounds. You've got the shape for a lovely Michael's Cue-bid of 2 showing five Hearts and five of a minor (and it's such a fun bid to use!). But you are opposite a passed partner and would be shoving him to the three-level. What if he's only got doubletons in the red suits? What about 2? People, you can't bid a bad suit in a bad hand. It just doesn't work. What about 2? Interesting and it would give Pard a lead, but not a good habit to get into... you're a little short of points (you certainly aren't counting that singleton K, are you?) You will be doubled for sure. Maybe this is a good time to pass. You are better off defending.

Your result so far:
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Question 5

  Your Hand
 10 7 4
 10 7
 7 5 2
 A Q J 5 4
Q: 5 - As South, what should you bid?

 Your choice:
A: 3: You were stumped at your first chance to bid. You couldn't raise Pard's Hearts. Without a Spade stopper, you couldn't bid No-trumps. Your first Pass bid could have shown nothing, so now that you've got a second chance, don't bid the lazy 2. Jump to show partner you've got a good suit that couldn't be bid before and a nicer-than-expected hand. Go team!

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