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 "Deja Vu" by Marti Ronemus

So there we were, watching an old episode of "Star Trek," and we had this overwhelming feeling of Deja Vu... it all looked so familiar. And it was! It seems TV studios often recycle sets rather than build new ones. This episode, "City on the Edge of Forever" was filmed on the old Mayberry set from "The Andy Griffith Show." The Mayberry set was also used for the "Star Trek" episode "Miri." You can even see a corner of the Floyd's Barbershop sign.

Some others that might have given you that weird feeling: "Scrubs," "The Office", "The Sopranos" and "Six Feet Under" all used the same hospital set. And maybe my favorite, "Little House on the Prairie" recycled most of "Bonanza." You're not crazy... just observant.

And let's put those skills of observation to work in our bidding.

Question 1

  Your Hand
 K 10 9 8 7 3
 K Q
 J 10 9
 8 5
Q: 1 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 4: Pard has four Spades, so we've got a 10 card trump fit. Our Heart points are not all working, but they do provide a stopper. We're kind of on the edge between 3 and 4, and decide to take advantage of our trump and shape by trying game.

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Question 2

  Your Hand
 K Q 10 8 7 6
 K 5
 Q 9 4
 J 9
Q: 2 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 3: Pard's shown a minimum hand with three trumps. Following The Law of Total Tricks, a raise of our suit in a competitive auction shows a weak hand and the number of trumps. We would let this one go, except we've got the ninth trump, and The Law will protect us. We are likely going down, but not that much! We've been here before... and succeeded!

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Question 3

  Your Hand
 8 4
 7 6 5
 K 9 8 7
 A 8 5 4
Q: 3 - South:

**New suit after doubling guarantees 18 plus points

 Your choice:
A: 4: Pard doubled and then named his own suit. He ain't got no kitten, folks, this is a full-grown tiger. If an overcall is 7-17 pts., we need a tool to show more than 18 pts. To double then name your own suit is what we use. Our response needs to show Heart support and a maximum hand (We already told Pard with our 2 Bid, that we've got 0-7 pts.).

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Question 4

  Your Hand
 A K Q 9
 A K Q J 9 8 5 4
Q: 4 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 6: C'mon--what else can you do? A double would be fine if you weren't sure where you were going, but you know exactly where you want to be.

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Question 5

  Your Hand
 K 7 4
 K 7 6 5
 K 10 4
 J 10 2
Q: 5 - South:

 Your choice:
A: 2 No-trump: Actually, this is fairly easy. A rebid of 2NT by responder shows 10-12 pts. We've also got a stopper(ish) in Their suit.

And now we're ready for our hand... one we've never seen before!

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