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Quizzes written by Marti Ronemus, Barry Rigal and Paul Bowyer.

Question 1

 7 3
 K 8 5
 Q 7 3
 J 10 8 4 2
Q: 1 - As East, what would you lead?

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A: Lead the heart five. With the diamonds apparently lying well for declarer, and trumps splitting, it looks better to try to get active and set up heart winners, rather than go passive with a club lead.

BR 014-0001

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Question 2

 J 10 8 3
 A Q
 Q 5 3 2
 A 7 3
Q: 2 - As South, what would you bid?

 Your choice:
A: Bid two no-trump. Your heart stop is very sound, even though it is only a doubleton, and you would rather show a balanced minimum in this way than raise clubs – which would be consistent with a variety of other more promising hand-types from partner’s perspective.

BR 2014/07/03-2

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Question 3

 Q 10 9 8
 A K 10 3
 7 6
 A K 4
Q: 3 - As South what would you bid over partner's 3 No-trumps?
1 No-trumppass2pass
2pass3 No-trumpspass

 Your choice:
A: 4 - Bid four spades. Partner’s sequence shows four spades and game-going values – and you can see that spades may well play much better than no-trump here, since the diamond suit may be a serious weakness.

BR 014-0003

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Question 4

 J 8 3
 A Q 9
 K 3 2
 J 9 8 3
Q: 4 - As South what would you bid over East's 1?

 Your choice:
A: 2 No-trumps - (11-12 HCP). A negative double here should promise four spades. Although the hand might play better in clubs, the best way to get your invitational values and heart stops across is by bidding no-trump now – partner can always retreat to three clubs himself.

BR 014-0004

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Question 5

 A 7 5 2
 5 2
 10 9 8 5 3
 4 2
Q: 5 - As South what would you bid after two passes?

 Your choice:
A: 2 - You can see that hearts will play well enough for your opponents. Meanwhile you have some extra shape, partner has promised spade support, and not a complete bust – so try and up the ante a little, by making your opponents work a bit harder to buy the hand.

BR 014-0005

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