Version 91.0.864.41 Vu-Bridge === Play like a Champion !

This application has been designed to play in portrait mode. Please rotate your device.

Zooming: how to enlarge the cards:
  • On a Windows PC press and maintain the "Control" key while moving the mouse wheel
  • On a Mac (OSx) press the "Control" key and move your finger up on the magic mouse
  • On a tablet (iPad) or smartphone spread your finger and thumb to zoom

During the play, click the "Menu" button below in order to display extra playing options.

Partially hidden comments: when on a Mac or PC without a mouse (using a trackpad) and you can't see the bottom of the comment text, you should click into the text and use the down arrow key to scroll.
Vuln: None
You are: S
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May 2022 Beginners Hand of the Week

Board # 5   Dealer:   Vuln:
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Don't Get In The Way
Shoot the bird
Trump Leads?
Weight in gold
Close Look

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