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Simply put, reporting bridge hands on a blog / website / bridge magazine / e-Book is a 2D (2 dimensional) process: The hand is printed on the page and there is no interaction with the player.

As opposed to Vu-Bridge hands, which are in "3D": the reader becomes a player and discovers the hands as if he sits at the table. Only experts can read a hand "2D" and make it become "3D" in their mind.

Other solar system denizens (for the most part humans, in addition to the Rueful Rabbit, the Toucan and the Walrus) tend to be locked in "2D" and would therefore benefit from a link to play the hand in Vu-Bridge.

Prepared Hands:

The hands you play with Vu-Bridge are carefully designed by experts.

You have to follow the path prepared for you by these famous authors. Should you make a wrong bid or a wrong play it will not be accepted. You will see "Wrong bid" or "Wrong play" appear.

Interactive Comments:

What makes Vu-Bridge so addictive is the interaction between the author and you - the Player.

At some point during the bidding or the play the author may suspect that you are about to go wrong. To provide a helpful nudge, a comment box may appear, steering you in the right direction and providing helpful tips.

Often, especially before trick one, a comment box will appear requiring some thought and reaction from you, the user. This is our Think & Click feature. A question will be posed and the answer provided - but only after you have thought it through.

Try sample hands and you'll see how useful this is: Click here to play sample hands