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Vubridge Bidding Quiz Library

Click to play Lesson: Suit Openings and Responses

Opening in a suit is the most popular start.

Hence the need to get it right each time!!

Click to play Lesson: 1 Notrump Opening

Opening a 1 Notrump is fine start to any auction...

Provided you and partner are on the same wavelength!

Click to play Lesson: Openers Rebid

You have opened and partner responded.

What now? Give further definition of your hand.

Click to play Lesson: Responders Rebid

The second bid by responder is of particular importance.

There are many options, including fourth-suit forcing.

Click to play Lesson: Overcalls

This is one of the most misused bidding techniques!

Learn WHEN and WHY to overcall...

Click to play Lesson: Balancing

Your Left Hand Opponent opened the bidding, and is followed by two Passes!

Should you Bid? Should you Pass?

Click to play Lesson: Take Out Doubles

How to show your strength over opponent's opening?

How to ANSWER a Take Out Double when you are WEAK, when you are STRONG?

Click to play Lesson: Negative, Responsive and Competitive Doubles

Wha about this whole tribe of Doubles?
Find your way!

Click to play Lesson: Slam Bidding

Slam bidding is acknowledged to be one of the most difficult parts of bidding.

Learn how to bid a GOOD SLAM, avoid common mistakes and catastrophes!

Click to play Lesson: Weak Twos

Weak Twos are certainly part of every player today.

But do you know HOW and WHEN to use them?
And HOW to defend against them?

Click to play Lesson: High Preempts

When should you open a three-bid?

How should you RESPOND? How should you DEFEND against?