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Season 2 Lessons:

Vubridge Bidding Quiz Library === Level 2

Click to play Lesson 1: Advanced Doubles

In this lesson, we will see the world's experts wielding a huge range of doubles. See how your chosen actions would have compared with theirs.

Click to play Lesson 2: 30 Low-level Auction Quizzes

This lesson contains thirty quizzes, each with five questions. What is more, they are all written by former world champion, Bobby Wolff.

Click to play Lesson 3: Advanced Slam Auctions

In this lesson we will look at 75 slam auctions from the highest level of international competition. At the critical moment, you will be able to choose your own bid and then compare it with the bid chosen by an expert. The full 52-card diagram will be shown and a description of the subsequent play given.

Click to play Lesson 4: High Level Competitive Bidding

One of the most difficult areas of bidding is judging high-level competitive auctions. The opponents have the spades; you have the hearts. How high should you go to outbid them?

Click to play Lesson 5: Judging Game Auctions

There are two parts to a good game auction. Both partners must bid their suits, looking for a fit. At the same time, they must convey the strength of their hands. The combined strength, including the element of 'fit' (in a suit contract) will determine whether you are entitled to bid a game contract.

Click to play Lesson 6: Making Opponents Life Awkward

In this Lesson we will see many different ways in which your side can make life difficult for the opponents

Click to play Lesson 7: 30 More Low-Level Auction Quizzes

In this lesson we will look at competitive bidding below the game level

Click to play Lesson 8: Expert Overcalls

In this lesson we will see how the world's top experts overcall. We will cover the whole gamut of overcalls, one-suited and two-suited.

Click to play Lesson 9: 1NT and 2NT auctions

1NT and 2NT Auctions intro text

Click to play Lesson 10: Auctions following a preempt

In this lesson we will see how the auction can develop following a pre-emptive opening. We will look at the constructive bidding by the opening side, and also at various auctions by the other side.