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Important: V-Green Seasons

Starting in May 2021, V-Green has a new "Seasons" distribution mode.

Our V-Green Series started life in June 2012 and we've published over 5000 prepared hands so far!

This is very valuable stuff and rather than publishing new issues and forgetting about old ones, we've decided that our subscribers would have access to the whole collection if so they whish.

As of now you can complete your collection by purchassing extra Seasons and we'll manage to add the issues to your list in Seasons order.

Special Offer:

Purchase 3 extra seasons for the price of 2!
That's 1 728 Hands to play...

List price: US$ 135.00. Offered at only US$ 90.00.

What Happens With Your Current Order?

When your subscription goes past May 1st, 2021 and Vubridge owes you more issues, we will automatically add extra issues that you haven't yet played to your list, so that the tally is still 24 issues per "year".

We are currently reviewing our customer accounts and it may take up to the end of May for you to see the change. Please be patient...

For the few of you having followed V-Green since the very start please get in touch.