Vu-Bridge | Play like a Champion!
 Issue  V-Blue Year 1 Topics  V-Blue Year 2 Topics
 01  1NT Opening and NT Responses
Very easy card-play
1NT revisited – Stayman convention
(Extend to 2NT opener)
 02  Declarer-play: Setting up suits in NT
by knocking out Aces (& Kings)
Declarer play – counting tricks & timing the hand
 03  1NT Opening & Suit Responses
Simple card-play in suits
Responding to Take-Out Doubles (harder)
 04  Defence against NT
leading 4th highest & returning partner’s suit
Percentage plays (eight ever, nine never)
 05  Declarer-play:
Suit breaks (3-2, 3-3 etc). Counting.
Avoiding over-ruffs
 06  Declarer Play:
Setting up tricks in long suits, including counting
Slam Bidding (including straight Blackwood)
 07  Suit Openings & Limit Raises;
Drawing trumps
The crossruff
 08  Declarer Play:
Entries including overtaking
Negative Doubles after overcalls
 09  Suit Openings:
The 1NT response
Ruffing & double finesses
 10  Declarer Play:
Ruffing losers in Dummy (NOT drawing trumps)
Re-opening Doubles
 11  Suit Openings:
change of suit responses & weak rebids
Covering an honour with an honour
 12  Ruff or draw trumps? The 1NT Overcall (includes protective position)
 13  Bidding balanced hands
outside the 1NT opening range
Encouraging / discouraging signals    
 14  Timing - What to do first
discarding losers)
Second Player Play
 15  Suit Openings
& Strong (unbalanced) Rebids
Setting up a side-suit
 16  Declarer Play:
The Marked Finesse
Declarer play: the art of counting
 17  Bidding a suit after opponents open
(Contested auction)
The hold-up 2 & 3
 18  Declarer Play: The common finesse Second hand low…?
 19  Opening leads (No-trumps) Third-hand play in No-trumps (rule of 11)
 20  The Takeout Double & simple responses Length-showing signals
 21  Declarer Play:
Ducking to set up a side-suit
Harder defence (counting tricks)
 22  Opening leads (Suits) Suit preference signals (suits)
 23  Declarer Play: The Hold-up 1 Suit preference signals (No-trumps)
 24  Defence against No-trumps
(third hand giving count)
Simple end-plays