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Beginners: get hints and advices while you play the hands

Courtesy of Harold Schogger - London

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If you want to make progress at Bridge you need lots of practice, and that's precisely what Vu-Bridge is offering!

V-Blue has 24 lessons x 20 hands to play and exists in three versions:

  • V-Blue Year 1 for beginners
  • V-Blue Year 2 for advancing beginners
  • V-Blue Year 3 to work out your conventions and play

If you want to improve your bidding and opening leads,  we've got exactly what you need:!

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Breaking News: Vu-Bridge with Voice!

No more reading hassle: as you play the hand, listen to the interactive hints and comments. Of course you can still read the comments but we’re certain you’ll get used to the voice feature in no time and then you’d say: "I can’t play without voice anymore!"

Even better: for existing customers, the voice feature is yours at no extra cost. Just open "My Vubridge" as usual and play - With voice.

You can even highlight a paragraph and have it said again.

Try it by clicking the picture above.

* Important disclaimer:The voice feature relies on your device and the web browser in use. If the speech pitch or rate doesn't suit you, please try with another web browser. Vu-Bridge doesn't sell the voice feature and will decline any responsibility about the feature being available on such or such particular computer or device.